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           Appendix                                   PARTICULARS
              No.                                                                                         No.
                I      Administration Chart of the Telangana State Public Service Commission              18

                II     Cadre Strength of the Commission.                                                  19
               III     Strength of Officers of the Commission.                                            20

               IV      Brief Account of the Budget Provided During the Year 01-04-2016 to 31-03-2017      21
                       and its Expenditure
               V       Statements Showing the Receipts for the Financial Year  01-04-2016 to 31-03-       22
                       2017 - Through IPO & DDs(Computed)
               VI      List of Pending Notifications.                                                     23

               VII     Statement Showing the Notifications Issued by the Commission During the Year.      24
                       Statement showing the Examinations Conducted by the Commission During the
              VIII     Year                                                                               25

               IX      Vacancies Notified and Processed for Selection During the Year                    26-29

               X       Date Wise Period of Notification Process Events During the year                   30-31

               XI      Statement  Showing  the  Number  of  Candidates  Appeared  for  Interview  During   32-33
                       the Year.
               XII     Statement  Showing  Community-wise,  Category-wise  Number  of  Vacancies         34-36
                       Notified and Number of Candidates Selected During the Year.
              XIII     Statement  Showing  the  Number  of  Unfilled  Vacancies  of  the  Recruitment,     37-39
                       Community & Category-wise Made During the Year.
              XIV      Statement  Showing  the  Particulars  of  the  Reservation  for  Women  Candidates   40-42
                       During the Year.

               XV      Statement Showing the Details of Local Reservations, Local Filled and Local       43-44
                       Carried Forward Vacancies During the Year. ( Zone-Wise)
              XVI      Statement  Showing  the  Analytical  Data  of  the  Departmental  Tests–Nov,  2015   45-50
                       (Held in May, 2016).

              XVII     Statement Showing the Analytical Data of the Departmental Tests–May, 2016         51-56
                       (Held in December, 2016)
              XVIII    Half Yearly Examinations -September-2016 Term.                                     57
            XVIII(A)  Half Yearly Examinations -September-2016 Special (Notification) Term.               58

              XIX      Half Yearly Examinations - March-2017 Term                                         59
               XX      Disciplinary Cases During the Year.                                                60

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