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Hon’ble Chief Guest, Shri E.S.L. Narsimhan, His Excellency,  and Governor for the

               States of Telangana & A.P.  The Hon’ble Governor, in his address has highlighted
               several  public  perceptions  on  the  functioning  of  the  P.S.Cs  and  mentioned  that

               keeping  pace  with  technological  changes  is  one  of  the  major  challenges  of  the
               P.S.Cs.  He  emphasized  the  need  to  maintain  highest  standard  of  probity  and

               fairness  and  transparency  in  Civil  Service  recruitment.  At  the  outset,  the  National
               Conference was attended and represented by (24) States PSCs and Senior Officers

               from  the  Union  Public  Service  Commission  in  which  all  the  delegates  had  an

               opportunity  for  meaningful  discussions  and  interchange  of  ideas  during  the
               Conference. On 05-02-2016, all the delegates undertook a field visit to IT-campuses

               at T-Hub, an Emerging Trends in Assessment and Evaluation Solutions.

                                                       21) INITIATIVES
                              The  Expert  Committee  under  the  Chairmanship  of  Prof.  Hara  Gopal

                         and 32 members was constituted for formulation of Scheme of Examination

                         for  different  direct  recruitment  examinations  to  be  conducted  by  TSPSC.
                         The committee after intensive study of  existing patterns in various PSC’s

                         submitted its recommendations which were recommended to Government

                         with  minor  modifications.  The  same  were  also  examined  at  Government
                         level  by  a  Committee  of  Secretaries.  The  Government  approved  the

                         Scheme of Examination in G.O. Ms. No.330, dated; 27/07/2015.

                               The TSPSC  since its inception  has  digitized its  exam  related  activities
                        and made optimum use of Information Technology & Mobile technology for

                        the  conduct  of  direct  recruitment  exams.    TSPSC  has  adopted  the  CBRT

                        (Computer Based Recruitment Test) mode of online examination. Out of (12)
                        direct  recruitment  examinations  conducted  during  the  year,  nine  (9)

                        recruitment examinations were conducted in CBRT mode and (3) recruitment
                        examinations were conducted in OMR pen paper mode.

                          To  make  the  process  of  selection  transparent  and  fair,  TSPSC  has

                        adopted the following time tested procedures.

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