Page 14 - Annual Report_15-16
P. 14

(a) Verification  of  certificates  is  done  in  camp  mode  in  the  presence  of
                          representatives of the Departments issuing the certificate.

                       (b) Web options are obtained from candidates within the zone of consideration
                          about  post  preference,  district  zone  preference,  local  &  non-local
                          preference as the case may be.

                       (c) TSPSC and the State of Telangana  has issued Orders  doing away  with
                          interviews for Group III and Group IV posts by orders in G.O. Ms. No.330,
                          dated: 27/07/2015.

                      (d) Personality Assessor; as part of Interview Board. 9(

                             TSPSC has introduced online Application System and Examination Fee
                      payment  through  SBI  –  E  Pay  and  Bill  Desk.  Candidate  will  submit  his

                      application only through TSPSC website.

                             On line help desk is set up for the convenience of the candidates. With
                      this initiative, candidates can seek any information or obtain clarification on any

                      queries online by sending e-mails to the TSPSC helpdesk. General information
                      sought by the candidates will be furnished by the help desk on the same day,

                      whereas other information sought by the candidates will be obtained from the

                      concerned section and the same will be communicated to the candidates at the
                      earliest by e-mail.

                             TSPSC  is  using  mobile  communication  in  its  examination  process.

                      From  the  registration  of  candidate  in  dot.R  system  till  the  completion  of

                      selection, candidate will receive SMS communications from TSPSC Office for
                      editing application; hall ticket download; verification of certificates; exercise of

                      web options for post preference; district, zone preference etc.

                             The  TSPSC  has  monitored  the  conduct  of  CBRT  exam  and  OMR

                      based pen & paper exam by using Mobile Technology, by sending 15 to 20
                      messages  from  the  TSPSC  Command  Center  to  different  functionaries  like

                      Chief Superintendents, Observers, Squads, Test Centre Administrators etc for

                      monitoring the conduct of exam.

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