Departmental Examinations

As per the Public Service Commission Regulations, Telangana State Public Service Commission conducts Departmental Examinations for employees working in various Departments under State Government of Telangana. The Commission conducts Departmental Examinations twice a year i.e., in May and November for the promotions to the employees. The Departmental examinations are held at ten (10) District Headquarters including Hyderabad. The candidates are admitted to the District Centre concerned where the candidates are presently working.

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Notification No: 03/2016

  • Press Note
  • Time Table Scheme With Books.
  • StartDate: 22/03/2016
    EndDate: 11/04/2016
    StartDate: 22/03/2016
    EndDate :11/04/2016
    StartDate: 25-05-2016
    EndDate: 30-05-2016

    Memo to Candidates



    viva-press note

    Hall Ticket For Languages
    Notification No: 05/2015
    User's Guide
    StartDate: 05-08-2015
    EndDate: 31-08-2015
    StartDate: 05-08-2015
    EndDate :31-08-2015
    StartDate: 04-10-2015
    EndDate: 09-10-2015
    Results of May, 2015 Session-Survey & Settlement Practical Test

    Notification No:03/2015 StartDate: 18/04/2015
    EndDate: 10/05/2015
    StartDate: 18/04/2015
    EndDate :10/05/2015
    StartDate: 25-05-2015
    EndDate: 30-5-2015

    Half-Yearly Examination for all India Services Officers

    In accordance with the schemes contained in the I.A.S., and I.P.S., Manuals, Notifications for the Half-Yearly examinations in the Languages and other Departmental Manuals are issued twice a year during the months of January and July. The examinations are conducted for probationers in the I.A.S., and I.P.S., and State Civil and Police Services in the months of March and September. All languages examinations (Viva-Voce) are held in the Office of the Commission. Candidates who apply for Language examinations in addition to any other examination(s) are examined in the Office of the Commission.

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